Get Ready to Be Hated, Cubs Fans

It’s already starting. Cubs fans are already one of the most hated fanbases in the country and they won the World Series like five minutes ago. The most common slam is calling every Cubs fan a band-wagoner, like that doesn’t happen with every good team in sports. Cubs fans need to prepare themselves, because as long as they’re good this kind of attention is going to follow them everywhere.

I compare it to Blackhawks fans. Everywhere we go there is just hate spilling out of stupid out-of-towner’s mouths. It’s as if there were no Chicago Blackhawks fans before they won a few Cups. Mostly it’s jealousy, because no matter what happens you can almost take losing to the Hawks to the bank every time. The Cubs are probably more young talent-rich than the Hawks were in 2010 if you include guys still in their system. Plus they don’t have to deal with that pesky salary cap. This team is going to be good for awhile.

So when the nation turns on the Cubs even more than they already have, just remember that you were considered losers about a week ago. Take the hatred as a compliment and go watch your team beat their team. It’s very possible the Cubs take the Evil Empire title away from the Yankees. Embrace it.


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