Blackhawks Winter Classic Jerseys Leaked, But You’ve Pretty Much Already Seen These

This is a couple days old, but the NHL Shop leaked photos of the Winter Classic jerseys on accident and I’m going to go ahead and give the Hawks an F for effort. It’s not that I don’t like the jersey, but it’s pretty clear that they’re tired of having to create different versions of the same Winter Classic jersey. They’re not going to deviate too much from the norm because the Blackhawks sweater is probably the most iconic jersey in hockey. Yet, they’re in an outdoor game every year so they have to do something.

Here’s a thought…maybe take a break from making the Hawks play in an outdoor game every single year. I get NBC needs the ratings, but even I’m suffering from Hawks overdose on New Year’s Day. I can’t imagine the rest of the nation feels any different. Maybe throw in some of the young guns that are going to make the game super exciting. McDavid, Matthews, Laine, Eichel when he gets healthy…you have numerous choices. If the NHL wants to truly expand their brand they need to put these guys on the national stage. I love my Hawks, but I would love a healthier sport as well.

Side piece: the Blues uniforms are kind of dope. I mean, it’s not intimidating at all and I think all the players will feel incredibly soft…but I still like the lighter colors.


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