I Don’t Believe a Word of Anything About the White Sox Starting a Rebuild

I don’t buy into all these reports saying the Sox are starting a rebuild. I think there’s a better chance that a meteorite pulverizes our existence before Jerry signs off on tanking. I think this is all posturing as a response to the Cubs winning the World Series with that same strategy.

What I do believe is that the Sox might actually believe they are rebuilding. Their rebuilding includes signing free agents and at the same time trying to bolster the farm system, a strategy that has worked out great in the past few years. If they did want to commit to rebuilding, Chris Sale should absolutely be available.

They would get more than a king’s ransom for Sale. He would command probably the largest haul we’ve ever seen in a trade given his age, his talent, and the fact that he’s being paid like a fourth starter. The Sox could probably get four guys that would immediately be in their top seven prospects. It would suck. But it probably should happen.

Still, there’s no way this is real. I’ll believe it when I see it.


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