Rams Basically Told Jared Goff He Still Sucks

Case Keenum isn’t exactly a franchise quarterback. He ranks 28th in the league in QB rating and has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns. Yet Jared Goff, this year’s first overall draft selection who doesn’t know his directions too well, can’t crack the starting lineup. This week, he took a punch to the flabby gut when it came out that he won’t play until the Rams are eliminated from playoff contention.

“My understanding of the Rams quarterback situation,” Rapoport said, “is that they’re not going to make a switch — barring some sort of epic collapse by Case Keenum — until they fall out of playoff contention.”

In other words, the Rams don’t think he’s worth a damn right now. They basically just told their first round pick that he’s not allowed to step on the field until the games don’t matter anymore. Meanwhile, every other rookie in the world is thriving. How embarrassing. Not to say the Bears have the best draft history, but at least their first rounder has hit the field. When you draft a guy first overall in today’s NFL, he’s expected to play. Looks like he will, when the Rams are comfortable with improving their 2017 draft position.


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