Corey Crawford Has Decided to Stop All the Pucks

This isn’t Corey being hot anymore. Crawford has been consistently one of the best goalies in the league for a couple years running. He has a .973 save percentage in 5v5 this season. 97% of the time, when you shoot the puck at Crawford at even strength, it’s not going in the net…got that? His save percentage the past two seasons is .924 which earned him Vezina votes (too few votes last year) and if Cary Price didn’t exist he might be the goaltender for Team Canada. So why in the hell do fans constantly chant his name like they can get under his skin?

Last night the Blues fans sunk to this level again. This is a fanbase I actually admire at times because their stadium is deafening and they have a true passion for their team. Granted, the stadium is loud because it’s a shoebox, but nonetheless they’re still among the loudest in sports. Last night was no exception, but I was extremely perplexed when they started the “Craw-ford” chant again considering it was during a goddamn Blackhawks powerplay. That shows ignorance and a lack of intelligence.

I get that the goalie chant is sort of the go-to. It’s like the wave for fans who hate the wave. But if your team is consistently getting stoned, you should probably focus your attention as a fan elsewhere. If Crow let one slip under his glove or face-planted while trying to play the puck behind the net, I could understand it. But if you’re chanting his name while he’s dominating your team, your just throwing gas on the inferno.


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