FIU Tight End Gets Doused With Boiling Water Because He Wasn’t Giving His Girlfriend Enough Attention

Yikes. This is a cold, calculated way of telling someone you need some attention. From the Miami Herald:

The two argued through the day over the attention Smith was paying her and their relationship. While in Smith’s dorm room and “feeling extremely emotional and stressed,” she told police, she boiled a pot of water. Then, she walked over to Smith and poured it on him.

When Smith didn’t react strongly enough for her, she started hitting him with her open hands, she told police.

It would be less surprising if she stabbed him, to be quite honest. That only involves flying off the handle for a few seconds, grabbing the kitchen knife and slice-slice-stabbing your way to crazy-town. It’s not like there just happened to be a pot of boiling water there. She took the time to boil the water then throw it over his head as if she was throwing wine on his shirt at a dinner party. So she sat there in front of the stove for a good five minutes at least, pondering how much she hated the father of her child. Then, when he didn’t react strongly enough to the burns she decided to beat him like a burnt slab of meat. Totally called for.

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