At Least the Packers Kinda Suck

I feel like a bitter ex-girlfriend or something. Taking pleasure in another team’s demise. The Packers got steamrolled by the Titans yesterday, giving up almost half a hundred points in the process. If the Bears are going to be bad, I can at least enjoy the fact that the Packers aren’t awesome.

The good news for Green Bay is that is sounds like everyone is definitely putting their egos aside. Mike McCarthy decided to remind the media that he’s been very successful as a head coach. This is just him trying to get ahead of the “do you think you’re going to get fired” question, but right now it just serves to depict him as an asshole.

As a bonus, the Vikings kinda suck too. Once thought of as a Super Bowl candidate, now can’t buy a win. Love it. And we know Detroit isn’t going to do anything. This might be the first year that the NFL gives the middle finger to a division winner. Whoever wins the NFC North will probably not deserve to be there.


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