So It’s Been a Rough 24 Hours For the Bears

I’m not sure what happened on Sunday. All I remember is the Bucs having the ball, or the Bears giving them the ball, or the Bucs scoring…nothing good. Which is fine, I’m good with the Bears being bad right now. They don’t need to utterly embarrass themselves, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

It really all started with Chris Conte. Still a really bad safety, yet he returned a pick for a TD against the Bears yesterday afternoon. Sort of a figurative “f*** you” to the Bears. Then after the Bucs were done dismantling the Bears’ souls, he went on record literally saying “f*** you.” Not only to the Bears but the entire city of Chicago. And all we can do is take it like the little bitches we are.

So that was rough. Then, earlier today it came out that Alshon has been cheating a bit. Suspended four games for taking the juice. Which is a real poor career move for him considering he’ll be looking for a new contract at the end of the year. Short of a torn ACL, hard to think of many other ways he could lose as much money as he just lost.

It’s been a little rough. As a Bears fan, I can only sit back and enjoy it. Say what you will, but at least Bad Jay is Entertaining Jay. That pick six to Conte was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Then Alshon gets popped after being shut down by possibly the worst secondary in history. It’s all coming together in the form of a top five pick, and I love it.

UPDATE: More great news just came across…



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