RIP Circus Trip

Finally we never have to hear about the Hawks and Bulls enduring these damn circus trips again. It’s so ridiculous. You force two professional teams, who probably make more money for their franchises in one home game than all of these shows combined, to take a two week road trip in the middle of the season. There’s a stadium right down the street in Rosemont that would be perfect for this crap.

Not to mention…who the hell goes to circuses anymore? I can watch people jump from tall things and flip around on TV for free. I can watch animals in captivity hate their lives at the zoo. So what’s the point? I understand the ice shows because Disney is the shit and they do everything better than everyone. But if you’re going to kick my team out of my city for to weeks you better have something that I can’t find on YouTube.

RIP Circus Trip, you won’t be missed.


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