Here’s Your First 2018 World Cup Corruption Case

Soccer is stupid, we all know this. I could care less that the US lost to Costa Rica and I only know because it was listed on the sidebar of this article. Still, I’ll watch the World Cup because international sporting events are a great way to remind the world that it’s USA all the way and we matter more than everyone else. With the World Cup or any Olympic event comes controversy and corruption, and the 2018 World Cup already has some:

The Investigative Committee said in a statement on Wednesday that Marat Oganesyan, the city’s deputy governor in 2013-2015, has been detained on suspicion of embezzling 50 million rubles ($777,000) on a single contract to supply display screens for the new stadium. It said Oganesyan arranged for a friendly subcontractor to win the contract and funneled the money out via shell companies.

Some initial thoughts. Didn’t know Russia was hosting, so thanks for the Wednesday wisdom. Also, $800k is really not that big of a deal. That chick from local university St. Xavier embezzled more than that. If you’re going to talk World Cup corruption then don’t wake me up until the dollar amount hits seven figures.

Also, Russia being involved in some sketchy stuff is not an upset. That’s like betting the over on an Oregon game when Chip Kelly was there. Wouldn’t be surprised if this goes all the way up to Putin, but I’m going to go ahead and stop with that speculation before he jams a warhead up my ass.


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