All of the Extra Points Were Missed on Sunday

It warmed my heart to see Robbie Gould miss two extra points against the Bears. Connor Barth missed one too but I feel like that happens every game, so it wasn’t until I heard the news that missed extra points were spreading through the NFL like gonorrhea that I started to get excited. In total, 12 PATs were missed on Sunday, an NFL record, and every time one was missed Roger Goodell’s smile widened like the Grinch seeing his plan come to fruition. You think he doesn’t know that the less kicking we see the higher the ratings go? He’s just following the pattern. America doesn’t like kicking things. Ever heard of soccer? Me neither.

Mike Tomlin is already on board with going for the two point conversion basically every time they score a touchdown. I’m not even sure Pittsburgh has a kicker. And it’s great. It makes the game more exciting and throws wrinkles in the scoreboard. Kicking the ball is a honorable way of saying “I give up.” When you punt or kick a field goal, you’re saying “my team is not good enough to get in the endzone. I concede that you are better than me.” Get the kickers out of my face. While we’re at it, we need to enforce a rule saying if the kickers want to stick around they will not be allowed to kick the ball in the endzone on a kickoff. $5,000 fine for every touchback. The endzone is reserved for playmakers and winners.

Just as a footnote, my hatred for kickers is all Robbie Gould’s fault. If he hadn’t tried to be a team leader on the Bears by calling people out as if he was an actual football player, I’d be fine with these guys. Know your role. This also may or may not stem from Mason Crosby recently causing me to lose in fantasy.


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