Bears Recap: Just a Continuous Waterfall of Tears

I guess the one positive takeaway is that they’re still in the running for the first overall pick. That’s what I’ve wanted since it became clear after one game into this season that this team was a used snot rag. I supposed this is harder on people who have actually seen this franchise succeed. Being born after 1985 hasn’t really given me many bright spots to look back on. The Urlacher years were cool, but did we ever really think they were going to win the Super Bowl? If Devin Hester never existed that team probably doesn’t even make the playoffs. Remember when the other team would kick the ball to him for some reason and we would call them idiots before he even caught the ball? That was awesome.

Things just got worse on Sunday, as the Bears lost another game they probably could’ve won. Leonard Floyd joined Kevin White and Kyle Long on the designated 1st round pick injury list in a scary collision that required him to be carted off. It sucks because Floyd has actually started to flash in the last couple games, something that we’re not used to seeing out of a 1st round draft pick. I’m pretty sure I saw Pernell McPhee crying after the injury, which means this defense is an actual unit, which means they’ll be top five next year.

Jay Cutler slipping on the last play of the game which caused him to throw a pick is a microcosm of his entire Bears career. I’m actually not sure he slipped. It looked more like his foot just didn’t touch the ground until after he threw the ball. Whatever happened, it was a perfect ending. Jay’s career is probably over in Chicago, and most of the time he hovered between severely over-criticized and ridiculously defended. I imagine we’ll see him again in a Jags or Browns uniform, and his revenge game will probably go just as well as Robbie Gould’s did.

I keep harping on the defense because you can come away from every game with something positive to say about them. They’re roughly one playmaker in the secondary away from being a defense that you sit your fantasy players against. In reality, it works out well because the defense is good enough to not give up the 50 point blowouts but the rest of the team is bad enough to make sure they lose. Doesn’t mean I’m not a walking crying Jordan meme every Sunday.


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