If the Bears Win Another Game This Season the Entire Front Office Should Be Fired

All the things that could go wrong have gone wrong. When it rains it pours. Slap on more cliches and you still won’t have enough to illustrate the horrible tsunami of crap that this Bears season has been. Obviously, they’re just bad in general without all the additional woes. The latest is that Jerrell Freeman got popped for PEDs and Jay Cutler might be out for the season with some random shoulder injury. Two words. LOVE IT.

If this team makes it to three wins ownership should clean house. There’s absolutely no reason for these guys to be trying at this point. Just relax, take the rest of the season off, and get a high draft pick. Play the rookies and see what  you have. The Bears are 2-8, could potentially have their a starting receiver, quarterback, and their best lineman out for the year, and have had two starters get suspended for violating the drug policy. They’re injured, bad, and bad at cheating. Not much else that can go wrong. Give up. Concede. Give me high draft picks.






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