So the Name is Garbage, the Marketing Barely Existed, and There’s No Jerseys to Buy

Going into this big name reveal I thought the NHL did a pretty solid job of keeping things under wraps. It wasn’t until a couple hours before the event that the new logo was leaked online. However, that’s only part of the equation when handling something as potentially defining as unveiling a new team. They did a pretty shitty job at the rest of it, but that’s not out of the norm for this league.

I was mad at the NHL before they revealed this stupid name. The promotion was garbage. Something like this should be trending 24 hours beforehand and 24 hours after. It did neither, and it’s obviously not because the Twitter algorithm decided I’m not interested in hockey. I don’t lay complete blame on Bill Foley and the rest of the staff for the Vegas team. The NHL needed to do more to help a fresh franchise get off to the right start. Today I should be bombarded with display ads and emails for new Vegas gear. I cleared my cookies and made sure to browse the Vegas stuff on Haven’t received anything.

It should just be the Knights. That’s it. I’m fine with that. I don’t know how true the whole London Knights controversy is, but I’m guessing if the NHL and the team wanted to they could work around it. Putting a descriptive adjective in a team name is super lame. The Golden Knights sounds like a name you chose on the NHL video game when you created a team at eight years old.

They did get some things right. Removing the ‘Las’ and just going with Vegas Golden Knights was a smart move, much more marketable. No one says “let’s go to Las Vegas and have some family fun.” No, it’s “let’s go to Vegas and ruin our lives.” I also give the logos a solid thumbs up. The helmet is something I can get on board with. Simple, sort of reminds me of Boba Fett. The secondary logo isn’t there yet, but I love the concept.

From my perspective, it seems like the team did mostly everything correct outside of the actual naming part.  Well, that and it looks like they don’t have the jerseys yet, which is another huge business fail. I just wish the NHL was more supportive. It’s like they wanted to make it a thing but also didn’t really want to put any work towards it. #BeholdTheGold should be on my Twitter trends right now, but instead it’s being overshadowed by #HappyThanksgivingEve, which isn’t even a thing. Not to mention they did it during a week where everyone is traveling and caring way more about food and football. I hate the NHL.


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