Shoutout to the Bears Fans Who Not Only Didn’t Show Up, But Couldn’t Even Sell Their Tickets

It’s really hard to not fill your stadium if you’re an NFL team. Especially in a city like Chicago, where there are a lot of people looking for stuff to do. Lots of ticket owners for this Bears/Titans game did not show up on Sunday. Not only that, but they didn’t even sell their tickets in order to get some dollars back from that poor investment they made.

In reality, it’s because the Bears price their seats too high when they go to market and people couldn’t sell their tickets. This forces the resale market to be overpriced because season ticket holders and brokers are looking to at least break even, and sites like the NFL Ticket Exchange have a price floor meaning people can only list tickets for a certain amount below face value (sometimes they can’t even go below that).

However, I prefer to go with the narrative that we as Bears nation protested the badness that is gracing the gridiron for Chicago these days. Roughly 13,000 seats were empty yesterday, which I’m sure makes Virginia pissed. If Sunday showed us anything, it’s that Chicago no longer lives and dies with this stupid franchise. I’m sure they’ll find a way to get us back. Coaching changes, personnel moves and shouting about the historic franchise as if their is a ton of history to be proud of are all good marketing techniques. But for now, I’ll settle for some cheaper tickets.



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