Twins Hired the 2001-2003 Twins as Special Assistants

It’s always a bold move to go back to the well that produced no water. From MLB Trade Rumors:

The Twins announced on Monday that they’ve hired Torii Hunter, Michael Cuddyer and LaTroy Hawkins as special assistants in the team’s baseball operations department. Each of the three will be in Spring Training this year and will serve “as a resource for players and coaches in the mental and fundamental aspects of the game,” according to a team press release. The trio will also be visiting Minnesota’s minor league affiliates throughout the season, where they’ll work in an instructional capacity with the team’s young talent. Hunter, Cuddyer and Hawkins will also work with Twins executives and coaches “to ensure development in player understanding of culture, talent evaluation and organizational vision.”

Sure, these guys had great careers but do the Twins really need all three of them? What’s next, hiring Doug Mientkiewicz as a Defensive First Baseman Coach? Maybe they should think about hiring that David Ortiz guy that was on the 2001 roster. He was decent at hitting baseballs. Is this going to be the new thing now that Manny Ramirez fixed Javier Baez? Seems like a bit of overkill, but considering Chris Getz is now the White Sox Director of Player Development I’m not sure what constitutes as shocking anymore.


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