Gotta Love Those Seventh Round Wide Receivers

In Chicago, we tend to fall in love with guys who haven’t really done anything. Everyone expected Marquess Wilson to be a pro bowler for some reason even though he was drafted in the seventh round by an incompetent regime. Johnny Knox was turning into a folk hero before he was literally bent in half like a tree branch. Daniel Braverman was a legend before he even stepped on the field, symbolizing that sleeper wide receiver that all Bears fans dream about. And now he’s here:

Braverman, a seventh-round pick out of Western Michigan, has been on the practice squad since it was formed Sept. 4. The 5-foot-10, 185-pound receiver was left off the 53-man roster because others were more productive in exhibition games.

Reload the Wes Welker/Julian Edelman comparison machine gun. We’re going to be blasted with articles trying to compare Braverman to the other two small white wide receivers who people know about. I like the move by the Bears. See what you have. Can’t be much worse than the current dumpster fire at wide receiver. If Braverman sniffs Cole Beasley territory, it will be a success. At least it’s something to watch on Sunday.


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