I Really Feel Like We Need the ‘Coming Home’ Diddy Song Every Time the Hawks Return From the West Coast

This godforsaken circus trip was long enough without having to pander to all the West Coast “hockey fans.” Five of these games on this stupid road trip started at 8 PM or later. Two of them started after 9 PM to make sure all the Sally’s in LA could get home and not watch their team play hockey. I probably have around 13 hours of sleep I need to catch up on because the NHL is constantly trying to get California to pay attention to their sport.

That’s why it doesn’t bother me when anyone makes a thing out of the Hawks coming back. Sure, it’s a severely overwritten narrative but I’m just happy I can get some damn sleep. If they play ‘Coming Home’ by Diddy at the UC tonight I might shed a tear. The only thing worse than these trips is when they have to play a West Coast team in the playoffs. The LA series a couple years ago took years off my life.


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