Crawford Steals Another Win, Which Is Fine

It’s time to stop worrying when the Blackhawks have to rely on Corey Crawford. Last season the narrative was constantly “how long can Crawford keep this up?” Well, he carried them throughout the season and to Game 7 against what was a superior team. He was also completely snubbed in the Vezina conversation. So why do we have to get upset every time he’s almost solely responsible for a win like he did last night against Florida?

Crawford leads the NHL in save percentage among goalies who have started more than 50 games in the past two seasons. For everyone who says it’s because the Hawks’ defense is really good, you should know he’s also faced the sixth most shots in that time span. The Blackhawks rely on this guy because he can be relied on. Very similar to Montreal with Cary Price (relax, no one is comparing him to Price).

Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see more offense. At this rate if Crawford goes down the Hawks are a stretch for the playoffs even though the Western Conference has been horrible. In the playoffs, you’re going to need at least two lines that can score, probably more like three. However, the regular season is not that important when it comes down to it. Even Q is starting to realize that by limiting minutes early in the season, something he’s never really done. That’s why I’m fine with riding Crawford for wins. Sorry for having a great goalie.


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