Terry Boers is Retiring and That Makes Me Sad

For the past few decades there has been no media pair more loved and hated than Boers and Bernstein. They have a talent for delivering exactly what people who listen to them want, but at the same time annoy the hell out of anyone who doesn’t. They hit their target. Whether it’s Terry babbling weird noises or Dan yelling at callers with Terry laughing in the background, I’ve always found it to be a unique form of entertainment. Terry Boers wrote yesterday that he was retiring, and as one of many fans of B&B I’m severely bummed out.

If we look at the big picture, you could’ve guessed this was coming. Terry has gone through some difficult days recently health-wise, and he had already given 670 The Score most of what he had. It’s fitting, because he’s truly going out on top. As he wrote in his article, he’s been with The Score since the beginning. When it was being heard by virtually no one, Boers and the rest of the staff were there looking to challenge the norm by having the first all sports radio station. He’s one of the most essential factors as to why The Score has grown into the most popular sports radio station in Chicago, and thanks to Terry’s favorite team, his World Series winning team, 670 has seen its highest ratings ever.

Before the Score days, Terry worked at The Star newspaper with a couple people I’m close to. On my drives home from work I find myself wondering if he has always been this goofy, nonsense-spewing personality that gives Chris Tannehill endless sound drops. Those people who were around him back in that day say yes, he was that guy. Maybe a little more of an ass at times, but still that guy. And truly, being an ass is one of my most favorite qualities of Terry. He’s a goof who loves sports but doesn’t take them too seriously.

Admittedly, I’ve been a B&B guy for only about eight years, which I’m sure pales in comparison to famous callers such as Bob from Niles or the late Gary from Evanston. I haven’t been there for the whole ride, but when I stop to think about it there are very few other public figures who have impacted my life in the same way. Not in a life-changing way, but in a way that a cup of coffee gets your through each morning at work. We all need that cup of coffee. Something that gives you the little nudge forward every day to keep trying to figure out this thing called life. Terry Boers has been my cup of coffee for eight years. The show will go on without him, but goddamn am I going to miss him.


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