Jay Cutler is Done For the Season and Probably His Bears Career

Oh Jay, you were too beautiful for your own good. Cutler will undergo season-ending shoulder surgery and we’re left to wonder what will happen to the quarterback who holds most of the Chicago Bears passing records. But first I want to reflect, if I may.

Remember when he first came aboard? A franchise quarterback for a couple first rounders plus Kyle Orton? Sign me up 100% of the time. Bears fans were elated. Finally, a quarterback who could actually make an offense work. Make those tough throws in the fourth quarter. He had all the arm talent and all the potential in the world. Sure, there were warning signs. Threw a lot of picks, kinda chubby, and generally an asshat. But who cares? Brett Favre throws a bunch of interceptions along with spelling his name like a jackass and he won a Super Bowl. This Cutler kid was the answer.

And when put into context, he was. This is a guy that holds most of the passing records for this stupid franchise and has proven that he’s a pretty tough SOB. Yet there will be parties in the streets when he finally packs his bags and moves on to New York or Jacksonville or Houston. The biggest disappointment of Cutler’s Bears career is that he was never as bad as it was perceived, yet never as good as he was supposed to be. On one half of the fan base, he got a bad wrap. He was consistently blamed for circumstances out of his control. Yet, can those haters be blamed? Weren’t we supposed to be getting a guy that would make others better, not rely on the talent of others?

Ian Rapoport has reported that Jay might be back for 2017, but I don’t buy it unless Pace and Fox are both canned. So what’s his legacy? Twenty years from now when we talk about Jay Cutler, what will we say? I really don’t think he’s going to be a huge part of the conversation. We won’t recall great games or defining moments, because there weren’t any. He won’t be mocked like the Cade McNowns of the world. He’ll just blend into the bad, sort of like Jim Miller. It feels like the past four or five years have just been one long death season that my brain is going to gray out. I’ll remember that Jay was here. I’ll remember that he was fine and I’ll remember that he wasn’t what he was supposed to be. He was here. He played football adequately. He threw the football hard, but he threw the football to the other team too much. Then he left. Cutty does it.



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