Can’t Believe Tootoo’s Fight Didn’t Inspire the Blackhawks

The entire bench must’ve had their eyes closed or something. You can’t tell me that every Hawks player saw Jordin Tootoo pick a fight with a Jesus lookalike and didn’t get inspired enough to play better. If they all saw it and still played like that in the second of back-to-back regular season games without their goalie and captain, I question this team’s heart.

Fights like last night’s Tootoo/Thornburn bout are just the worst things in hockey. These two meatheads traded fisticuffs basically because the Jets beat the Hawks a couple weeks ago and Tootoo felt he needed to let the Jets know that the Hawks don’t like losing. Dumb. It’s even dumber than the whole “protecting your teammate” bit. If I’m confident enough to run over your superstar, you think I give two pucks* that you came over and told me to not do that anymore? No, and next time I’m going to make sure the fans on the boards can tell what eye color Patrick Kane has.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bench clearing brawl as much as the next guy. Loved the Canucks/Maple Leafs earlier in the year and love watching the old Hawks/North Stars brawl from way back. And what’s funnier than watching the goalies try to fight? Two grown ass men covered in padding trying to beat the poop out of each other. Sign me up every time. But don’t fight someone to try to send a message. Fight someone because you’re genuinely pissed and you want to put them on the IR. Fight them because you couldn’t think of a rebuttal to the last mom joke they threw your way. Don’t fight them because you think you’re inspiring your team, because you’re not. All you’re doing is making them tap their sticks on the outside of the bench and pretend they give a crap about your face.

*See what I did there?


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