I Might Not Watch a Single Bowl Game Outside of the CFP

Now that college football has embraced the playoff format, it’s time to start asking if anyone really cares about the rest of the bowl games. Seems to me that if you don’t go to a school in a bowl or have a kid on the team you’re all set on not watching. Same goes for the attendance of the actual game. Besides the larger bowls the stadiums barely get 75% full for these random games at the end of the season that really serve no purpose other than feeding corporations more dollars.

I probably won’t watch more than a half hour of any bowl game outside of the CFP. For me, it’s the same reason I don’t watch preseason football. It doesn’t matter. These bowl games literally mean nothing at all. Conference championship weekend is infinitely more exciting than anything between now and December 31st.

I have to think the players feel the same way. Besides the seniors who are playing in their last game, if a college athlete is in a new city would they rather be playing in the Beef-O-Brady Bowl or getting obliterated at a bar with their boys. There’s nothing to think about here. Everyone always says it’s the time off from their last game played that results in poor performances in bowl games. No. They’re hungover and they don’t care. I also don’t care. Wake me up when Ohio State v. Clemson is on.


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