Maybe Resigning These Two Means They Won’t Give a Veteran a Stupid Contract

On Friday, the White Sox avoided arbitration with both Brett Lawrie and Avisail Garcia. At first glance, you think “oh great, let me just end it all now.” But maybe signing these bad players to a one year deal isn’t the worst thing in the world.

As we know, the Sox have a bad habit of signing old guys to long contracts. Basically, they pay for what players have done in the past, not what they are expected to do in the future. Maybe these two signings tell us that they’re not going after that player. Jose Bautista is a great example. If the Sox were to “make a splash” and sign this 36 year old slugger, it would make total sense and would be an absolute White Sox move. He’d have a decent first year with the Sox then fade off into the sunset while stealing millions of dollars from the team for doing minimal on the field. But maybe by resigning these bad players to minimal contracts, we can assume this won’t happen. Maybe?

They’re also getting Brett Lawrie at a discount. Now, if you dislike this try-hard, mental-midget player as much as I do, you’re saying “there’s no such thing as a discount for him.” In reality, there is, and the Sox are getting one. He’s actually going to make less this year than he did last year. Again, probably deserved, but something that usually doesn’t happen in these situations. And I’m totally fine with him holding down the second base position if that means the Sox are tearing this thing down. We can only hope.


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