Toews Sits Again as His Injury Isn’t Getting Better

This is the kind of news that makes you want to end it all as a Blackhawks fan. For a guy who has had multiple concussions to the point where it’s a concern, the last thing you want to hear is that he has a back injury that isn’t getting better. Not only for the future of however much longer this Cup window is open, but for the immediate considering the Hawks have no clue without him.

I’ve had/continue to have back issues and they suck. They suck so hard. In my college baseball days I would just pitch through the pain because I was a warrior and didn’t care about tomorrow. Now when I tweak it in a men’s league game I’m on the shelf for two weeks. And by ‘on the shelf’ I mean I’m calling in sick and possibly making my will. If you hadn’t noticed, your back takes up a lot of real estate on your body. It’s extremely debilitating and a lot of times causes athletes to never be the same again. Case and point right here. Without back issues I would’ve gone pro in something without a doubt.

Toews has stated that if this were the playoffs he would be playing through it. That’s not surprising considering the only reasonable excuse to miss an NHL playoff game is death, so this doesn’t make me feel better. I’ll always worry about 19 because he’s one head injury away from ending his career. Now that he’s going through back issues I’m getting flashbacks Alexei Zhamnov and an empty UC. I don’t want to go back to that dark place. Not yet.


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