I Hope This Under Armour Deal Means We Get Some Wild Uniforms That Old MLB Men Hate

News broke Monday that Under Armour inked a deal to take over production of official MLB uniforms in 2020:

“This partnership epitomizes our next-generation model which brings much-needed agility to the industry, enhancing both assortment and speed-to-market of MLB merchandise for teams, fans and retailers.” said Michael Rubin, executive chairman of Fanatics. “Both Fanatics and Under Armour get to do what each does best, while joining forces with an innovative and tech-savvy league to help grow the game of baseball through a pioneering new business model better suited to today’s digital economy.”

LOVE IT. To be clear, I don’t have a problem with most current MLB uniforms. Actually, the only one I want to light on fire is the new Diamondbacks look. However, I do love it when the league decides to do something that will cause the old men of the MLB guard to have mini heart attacks because their game is changing. These are the same geezers who believe statistics are for nerds and mean nothing compared to the ole eye test, when in reality the conclusions made by said eye test can be backed up by actual data.

Overall, I just hate how baseball is so slow to adopt change. Booting Majestic for a company like Under Armour is a good start. I hope we get some crazy new gear that makes Hawk Harrelson’s eyes bleed and Harold Reynolds’ face melt. Anything that evokes the Bryce Harper way of playing baseball is fine by me. I’ll probably end up hating any dramatic changes they make, but it’ll be worth it to see these guys have a sob fest on MLB Tonight. Lots of tech talk in the article as well. I want to see microchips in uniforms and velocity trackers on spikes. Give me all of it.


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