I’m Beyond Done With the Shootout

I’ve been done with the shootout for awhile now, but never to the point where I literally want to turn the game off when it comes down to this stupid circus act. It was an interesting idea when the NHL started it, but now we’ve been over-saturated with dekes and wide angles to the point where it’s no longer special. Remember the kangaroo song scene in Big Daddy? This is what penalty shot excitement should look like:

Instead, we just get sad because 3 on 3 overtime is over and we have to watch the game come down to something that isn’t hockey. While we’re on the topic of stupidity, the fact that the team who loses in overtime still gets a point is really dumb. This is America, where winning is the only way to be recognized.

Do me a favor and just extend the 3 on 3 overtime. I realize that players would potentially die of exhaustion initially but NHL coaches will figure out a way to adjust. Honestly, I would rather have ties back than have a win come down to a shootout. But if that’s going to happen then I need a no offsides rule in overtime to avoid teams playing for the tie. That would be wild, and I would watch every time.


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