Sale Traded: Not Even Close, White Sox

Listen. It doesn’t matter if Yoan Moncada becomes a Hall of Famer. Right now, for what Sale’s value is, the White Sox did not even come close to getting the proper value in return. The Red Sox just received possibly the most valuable player ever to be traded without parting ways with anyone in their 2016 lineup.

This is not even an argument. Chris Sale is a perennial Cy Young candidate who is making less than Ricky Nolasco, Matt Garza, Ubaldo Jimenez…he’s only the 35th highest paid starting pitcher in baseball. It should’ve started with Benintendi or Bradley Jr., then included Moncada plus another guy like Kopech or Devers. They were originally asking for Benintendi AND Betts back in July before Betts became an MVP. Which makes sense because Chris Sale’s value has obviously gone down since then.

Seriously, don’t tell me how good Moncada is going to be. Kopech has a ceiling of a third starter and the other two are scrubs. It doesn’t matter how good these guys will be, what matters is what their CURRENT VALUE IS. And that current value doesn’t come close to what Chris Sale’s CURRENT VALUE IS. It’s a fine haul. But that’s it, just fine. They settled. How many World Series teams were built on deals in which the team settled? FOR LOVE OF GOD THE CUBS GOT MORE FOR SAMARDZIJA AND HAMMEL.

I’m done. I have a headache now. Just leave me alone.


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