Time To Move On From My Anger, Here’s Who the Sox are Getting

It is still my opinion that if you grade this trade based on current overall value the White Sox lose 10 out of 10 times. They traded away a mint condition Ferrari that they bought off eBay for $3,000 for a self-driving concept car. Will the self-driving concept car be loaded with value in the future? Probably. But I would’ve rather had that plus a solid Audi 5000, and yes Chris Sale is worth that much. I guess I should consider the fact that the Sox would even pull the trigger a win. Time to move on though. Here’s what is coming to the South Side:

Yoan Moncada

He’s the top prospect in baseball. You’re getting all of the raw ability in the world. Plus plus speed, plus plus power. He’s spent most of his time at second base but might project better at third. Baseball America’s scouting report describes the build of an NFL running back. He’s also a switch hitter, but as with other young Cuban players he struggles with strikeouts. However, he has the athleticism to make quick adjustments at the highest level. He’s the most uber of the uber prospects. The Red Sox are also paying a majority of his remaining deal, but I consider that a wash because of Chris Sale’s salary. Yes, this a very good player.

Michael Kopech

Another top 100 prospect, and he throws really really hard. Like, he hit 105 MPH one time. Normally sits around 97-98, but has a little to be desired in terms of a dominant offspeed pitch. To me, this screams bullpen, but the White Sox better hope he’s more than that. He also could have some character issues. He was suspended 50 games for taking a banned substance and also missed an extended period of time due to a broken hand that was a result of a fight with his roommate. What were people saying about Chris Sale being a psycho? I will say his flow game is off the charts.

Victor Diaz and Luis Basabe

Not a ton to see here. Victor Diaz had a 1.49 WHIP in single A ball last year. Throws hard, but needs to figure out control in order to make a big difference in a Major League bullpen. He’s a lottery ticket.

You can project Basabe a little more. He has four average level skills but hasn’t hit over .260 in the minors yet. Extremely raw player who’s only 20 years old. He’s actually pretty intriguing considering he only started playing baseball a year before he signed.


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