Yes, Raising Season Ticket Prices Will Affect You and Yes, You’re an Idiot For Complaining

We heard the same complaints after the Blackhawks started winning. What exactly do you expect ticket prices to do when a team in Chicago starts winning? It’s hilarious because people are basically mad because other people have more money than they do. “I can’t go see my favorite team play because all these bandwagon fans raise the ticket prices.” Which city in this country doesn’t have bandwagon fans? Name one. Out of every sports franchise in all the major leagues, which of them would have the sameĀ ticket prices when they’re bad as they do when they’re good?

I’m perfectly aware that I can’t go to Hawks games more than twice a year because I’m poor. This is America. Cool shit costs money. Did you expect Cubs ownership to just be like “nah, leave the prices. We got enough money.” The amount of money season ticket holders stand to make on the resale market absolutely call for a raise in season ticket prices. That means the floor for tickets is going to go up.

On the resale market, where you’re going to purchase your tickets, it’s a straight up supply and demand pricing structure. The supply is now more valuable, the cost to obtain the supply is more valuable, and the demand is higher than it’s ever been. Literally. It sucks that you can’t go to a game once a month, but don’t blame the people who can afford to.


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