Vic Fangio Might Be On the Move

This would be right up the Bears’ alley. Reformat your entire defensive personal around one coach’s scheme then fire that coach. It’s rumored that Vic Fangio will be dismissed at the end of the season, and that would make perfect sense considering what we’ve seen from this pathetic franchise the past five seasons. However, I would be more disappointed in this move looking at it from a player’s standpoint. Fangio’s defense always seems to be playing hard even though the Bears are a dumpster fire, and even before he started with the Bears we knew his players loved him.

Two free agent signings, Hicks and McPhee, and two draft picks who are actually working out decently, Floyd and Goldman, are suited best for the 3-4 defense and might even be considered out of position no matter where they’re plopped in a 4-3. The change in scheme is definitely real, but successful organizations don’t draft differently based on what defense they’re currently playing. Kam Chancellor doesn’t really have a traditional NFL position, but he’s become one of the most terrifying humans ever because the Seahawks have used him as a hybrid player. Jabrill Peppers from Michigan is a tweener as well, but will probably be drafted in the top five in 2017.

The 4-3 vs. 3-4 argument is one of the most overblown narratives in football. Case and point being Willie Young who was originally thought to be a trade candidate until he arguably played better in the 3-4 scheme that supposedly didn’t fit his skill set. I just don’t see a reason for this to happen. If it does, that means it’s coming from John Fox who is traditionally defensive-minded but has always slanted to the 4-3 scheme. So again this is the Bears putting all their eggs in the John Fox basket.

There’s a reason Denver fans weren’t up in arms after Fox was fired post-Super Bowl appearance. He’s a good coach that has his limits and never steers away from his traditional philosophies. I would compare him to Jeff Fisher, but that might be a bit harsh. Either way, if Fangio is gone at the end of the season it shows that Fox has the keys to the kingdom. I’m not comfortable with that, and Ryan Pace shouldn’t be either.


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