Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya: Adam Eaton Traded

I almost feel bad for disliking Adam Eaton. He embodies a lot of what baseball should be as far as giving maximum effort and respecting the game. But he’s just too much. When he was acquired by the Sox in a trade with the Diamondbacks it was rumored that he was a selfish player and at least one former teammate called it “addition by subtraction.” Selfish isn’t the right word, but his act just gets old. How many times did his try-hard style of play lead to a dumbass baserunning out? It’s that kind of stuff, where you’re over-compensating and just not being smart at baseball, that wears on teammates. Not to mention he considers a child a great leader.

He also sort of doesn’t have a position. He’s at best an average center fielder, but when he’s running into the wall every game he looks more like Jose Canseco. He’s a Gold Glove caliber right fielder, but he doesn’t hit enough home runs to be an American League corner outfielder. If he’s your right fielder you have to compensate at a different position, such as your second baseman hitting 25 home runs or your catcher having the ability to at least touch the baseball with his bat at times. He’s a tweener.

So selfishly I would’ve been good with almost any trade that shipped Drake LaRoche’s best friend out of Chicago. But on the surface it appears the Sox got way more than anyone expected. Top five prospect Lucas Giolito, top 100 prospect Reynaldo Lopez, and former first round pick Dane Dunning are all on their way to the South Side and will play for a farm system that now rivals the 2014 Cubs if you’re just going by pure rankings. We’ll be releasing a further breakdown of these players later in the day.

On the surface, this looks to be an absolute steal. The Sox have now acquired four or five top 100 prospects in the past two days. The most intriguing part of this deal is the Nationals offered a very similar package for Chris Sale, which says something about where their organization is at. In Washington, this is being viewed as a pure panic move as they assume Bryce Harper will sign elsewhere in a couple years when he’s a free agent. In terms of current value, unlike, in my opinion, the Sale trade, the White Sox have done really well here.



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