Here’s a Bears Preview, I Guess

With all the news that broke this week, can we officially say the Bears are the saddest franchise in Chicago? I have no idea if this White Sox rebuild is going to work, but at least it’s a damn plan. I’m sure the Bears have some sort of plan but we’ll never what it truly is because John Fox likes to keep any real information in his box of secrets. He only addresses real news like rumors about Vic Fangio leaving when he absolutely has to, and only to denounce and mock any reporters who might have inside information. So considering we have no idea how the coaching staff will look next year, let’s focus on the guys on the field.

Matt Barkley has a chance to prove he’s a solid backup. Sorry folks, but if you really believe this is your white knight to solve a lifetime of bad Bears quarterbacks, you’re a dumb person. That’s not to say having a competent backup quarterback isn’t a valuable asset. Brian Hoyer will get signed elsewhere to be a backup because he’s probably the best one out there. Injuries happen, and good teams know they can’t have a season derailed because of one guy going down. Aside from having the arm strength of an infant, Barkley has done relatively well while throwing to a collection of boobs. The Lions defense is not a pushover now that they’re healthy enough to cover people, so if Barkley can keep the Bears in the game he probably earns himself a contract.

The defense will at least be interesting to watch. They won’t have the comfort of playing against Colin Kaepernick and a 49ers team that makes this incarnation of the Bears look like the ’85 team. They’ll also have to keep up with a fast Lions team without playing on the horse manure Soldier Field turf. Leonard Floyd had a big game last week, so you’d like to see him keep improving in a setting where his speed can really be a weapon. Nick Kwiatkowski has flashed but has struggled in coverage. He’s been decent against the run and made some impact plays in the past two games. Watch him in coverage to figure out if you have something.

Other than Barkley and some defensive rookies, I’m not sure what else there is to watch in this game. Unless you have a passion for spotting bad players who might improve enough to help you on special teams or maybe a second string role. I just want this season to be over with so I can laugh at whatever this team decides to do at the quarterback position. There’s really no perfect scenario. A) They stick with Matt Barkley and when he gets exposed he becomes a gif magnet, B) They overdraft a quarterback because that’s what you have to do to get the “top” guys, or C) They sign a veteran like Tony Romo, which would be hilarious. I just want players to watch. I feel like I’ve been watching the exact same team for ten years. Entertain me.


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