So When is the Travis Kelce vs. Marquette King Dance-Off Happening?

From PFT:

The Chiefs tight end did his rendition of the dance that Raiders punter Marquette King breaks out after pinning the opposition deep with a kick in front of the originator himself. King appeared to say something to Kelce as he walked past and Kelce shared what King said with NFL Network after the game.

“He told me I didn’t have any rhythm,” Kelce said. “I told him, ‘Trust me, wait until I get in the end zone again and I’ll show you some rhythm.”

King had a different take on his message for Kelce. He referenced Kelce’s foray into reality television, writing that “I told him I don’t need a reality show to find a girl lol…”

If the networks aren’t all scrambling to get some sort of Marquette King vs. Travis Kelce dance off reality show up and running they should all be fired. This is fantastic on so many levels. For one, it’s a tight end going out of his way to mock a punter. Not only that, but the punter spit fire right back at the tight end’s ability to get girls.

The NFL needs to take this a step further and create their own Dancing with the Stars. Since they won’t let anyone have any fun anymore, they need to create an outlet for the best celebration dancers to display their craft. Obviously we start with Kelce vs. King. Can you imagine the matchups that could come after that like Antonio Brown vs. Odell Beckham Jr. You could go throwback and have a Terrell Owens vs. Deion Sanders. The possibilities are endless.


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