Aqib Talib’s Agent Might Have His Hands Full

On Sunday Harry Douglas took a cheap shot at Chris Harris, diving at his legs when he clearly didn’t need to do so. After Aqib Talib started a brawl, which is new for him, he vowed to beat Douglas’ ass whenever he sees him again. Should be a convenient ass beating too, considering Talib and Douglas share the same agent.

“He’s got the same agent as me, so when I see his [butt] in Atlanta, I’m going to beat his [butt]. He tried to do something dirty, so that’s why I’m going to beat his [butt].”

Spoiler alert: he said ass not butt. Though I feel like if someone says they’re going to beat my butt I would actually be a little more intimidated then if they said they’re going to beat my ass. If you use ‘butt’ I’m not exactly sure what your intentions are. If you use ass I know that means you want to chuck knucks.

Todd France is Talib’s agent. I’m just gonna throw this out there, but he looks like he might have some sort of wrestling background. I think we need to get Douglas v. Talib with France as special guest referee in a cage match. It’s not good to keep feelings bottled up inside, and as we’ve seen Aqib Talib often has problems expressing himself. A cage match is the best scenario for all three parties.


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