Bruce Arians May Have Hinted That He Suspects the Dolphins Had a Deal With Mother Nature

Bruce Arians pretty much blamed Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins on the weather, which I guess is the only route you can go when you forget how to win. Not only that, but he may or may not have implied that the Dolphins were in cahoots, as it seemed to only rain when the Cardinals had the ball:

“We practiced with a wet ball on Wednesday and didn’t have any problems,” Arians said, via the Associated Press. “But when it continually pours when you have the ball, which was kind of odd, it’s tough.”

I have to say Bruce definitely has a case here, and I’m 100% sure I’m not taking his statement out of context. Mother Nature can be easily bought. The only reason the Bears lost the Super Bowl was because Rex Grossman couldn’t get his tiny hands around those wet balls. Peyton clearly made a deal with Mother Nature, because we all know Peyton doesn’t have the clutch gene. It was true then and it’s true now, Mother Nature is clearly open for business.

I wonder if there’s any other evidence out there of Mother Nature accepting bribes? Maybe from a certain baseball team in Chicago that hasn’t won in awhile who was about to be eliminated in Game 7 until the most perfect rain delay ever helped them win? I just want to know what kind of system Mother Nature has set up. Does she accept PayPal or is this a cash-only business? No paper trail would make more sense. Either way, Bruce clearly has an argument. If Mother Nature isn’t investigated by the NFL this week I’m not sure I can trust their judgement anymore.


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