Eric Semborski Will Never Have to Pay Beer League Fees Again

Remember when Corey Crawford had to have an emergency appendectomy and then this dude Eric Semborski hit the damn lottery and suited up as a backup for a Stanley Cup winning franchise? That was awesome. Eric was an amateur goalie before Crawford’s appendix went on the fritz. Now he’s a legend.

Eric was at the Blackhawks 3-1 victory over the Stars yesterday. The Hawks invited him as a special guest to say thanks for letting us make your dreams come true. I think it’s safe to say anyone who gets fan mail should not have to pay fees for a men’s league ever again. Normally goalies don’t pay to begin with because being a goalie in a men’s league sucks. If anyone ever tries to make Eric pay to play they’re just a jealous asshole.

The question going forward is does Semborski get a ring if the Hawks take home the Cup again? My thoughts are that if the mental skills coaches are getting rings, so should emergency backup goalies. Even though the Hawks lost that game to Philly, who knows what kind of bloodbath it would’ve been if Eric wasn’t there to inspire the team.



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