Is Leonard Fournette a Possibility, and Do We Even Want That?

If we assume the Bears are going to get a top five pick in the 2017 draft, it’s very possible that the most talented player left on the board when they’re on the clock is a running back. Leonard Fournette is currently viewed as an absolute freak who will be a first round pick. You don’t hear too much about him because he’s basically just playing to not get hurt. Some view that as a negative to his overall makeup, but I view that as him being a smart person and believe those who view that as a negative are idiots.

It’s basically the Clowney situation. You could argue that Clowney could’ve been drafted straight out of high school to the NFL. Same with Fournette, as he treated the top level of college football like infants when he actually cared. This brings to question whether the Bears are going to draft based on need or who the best overall player is. With where they’re drafting, it’s very possible Fournette could slip to them and be by far the most talented player on the board.

The mantra around the league is to always draft the best player available, no matter what position. I agree with that except for two positions, quarterback and running back. At QB it’s obvious, sometimes you have to overdraft one of those guys because the position is so devoid of talent. Running back is a different scenario. If you’re drafting a running back in the top five, you better be damn sure that guy is going to be Adrian Peterson.

That’s why I wouldn’t fault the Bears for whichever direction they went in this situation. Forget that Jordan Howard has performed well and is the starter of the future. You can easily find success with two good running backs and you can always trade players. I would like to see them sure up the offensive line, but I can’t blame an organization that doesn’t have any star players for grabbing one in the draft.


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