Eaton Kept the Only Jersey Sale Didn’t Destroy

Classic grindy move by Spanky. CSN reported that Adam Eaton claims to have the only jersey that survived The Great Chicago Cut of 2016.

“I think I may have the only one that didn’t get cut up. I secretly yanked mine down when he wasn’t looking, and as of right now I think – besides the coaches; the coaches are one thing – but I want to know for sure that I’m the only player that didn’t get his cut up.”

He currently has the authenticated jersey locked up in his basement waiting to be signed by Chris Sale. Eaton is known for being a grinder on the baseball field and now we see that he’s a grinder in life too. I fully expect him to sell this puppy once Sale blesses it with his John Hancock. However, I don’t believe that this is the only time he’s taken a jersey home from the locker room. That basement is probably full of Adam Eaton jerseys as well as a few other players worth a lick. You can rest assured that if you buy a signed Sox jersey from someone named “Spanky_1” on eBay, it’s the real deal.


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