Polian Laughs Off the Possibility of Joining the Bears

I love the rumor mill. For every one rumor that turns out to be correct about a billion others die off into the internet archives. Bill Polian to the Bears was a rumor, but then Bill Polian basically said he’s not touching this franchise with a ten foot pole:

“It’s absolutely wrong,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter said during an interview with WMVP-AM 1000. “He laughed at the idea of it and was trying to figure out the genesis of it because he’s had absolutely no contact with anybody there. There is no job, . . . and he was befuddled how he could be connected to the job.”

First, I feel like we never give the original reporters of false rumors enough credit, so thoughts and prayers to Jason La Canfora. Way to have the courage to take a complete shot in the dark and hope it sticks. The only thing funnier than this report being false is that Polian was apparently laughing at the thought of it being true. He probably saw the initial headline as was like “why the fuck would I do that?” Understandable given the hot mess that is the Chicago Bears.


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