What About Danks? Former Sox Pitcher Signs With Braves

John Danks signed a minor league deal with the Atlanta Braves yesterday. That’s right, a minor league deal. Danks was probably the worst pitcher I’ve ever seen in his limited time with the White Sox last season. Wait, no I forgot about the laser shows that James Shields put on for the crowd every fifth day. But yeah, Danks was and has been pretty terrible since signing a five year $65mm extension back in 2011.

Listen, it’s not John Danks’ fault that the White Sox severely overpaid him. He’s become a legend, of sorts, with famous Boers and Bernstein caller Bob from Niles always being concerned about his status. He’s also an infamous symbol of the ridiculous amount of wasted money the White Sox have spent on bad players.

The more interesting part of this story is that the Braves seem to be embracing any former White Sox player that wants to help them lose. Last year they signed Tyler Flowers and Gordon Beckham and this year John Danks is hoping he can make their starting rotation. I guess if you want to make sure you’re going to lose baseball games it would make sense to sign bad players.


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