When Will the Koji Craze Start?

Now that the Koji Uehara signing is official, how long is it going to take for the bleacher bums to completely embrace Koji Uehara and all his Japanese-ness? Remember, this is a crowd that routinely wore Japanese headbands because Kosuke Fukudome was good for a couple months. So do the headbands make a comeback for another Japanese player or do the fans go all out and start bringing samurai swords to Wrigley? They shouldn’t have any problems getting those through the gate.

There are endless possibilities for Koji going forward. It’s safe to assume the fans are going to fully embrace him, so in what direction will he go to capitalize on his move to Chicago? A restaurant called Koji Beef? What about a weekly radio appearance called The Koji Beef? I’m sure talking through a translator would be electric audio. The potential here is through the roof.


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