New Sox Pitcher Kopech Getting Pressured to Propose

Michael Kopech was acquired by the White Sox in the Chris Sale trade. He throws really hard, has a great flow, and apparently has a reality star girlfriend. Brielle Biermman is the star of Don’t Be Tardy on the Bravo network. I’m usually up on my reality show game but this one slipped through the cracks because who the hell watches Bravo. The only other thing I know about Brielle is that her dad is former NFL linebacker Kroy Biermann and she looks like she’s about 45% plastic.

More importantly, it looks like Kopech is going to have to step up to the podium sooner than later if he wants his boo with him in Chicago.

“Brielle is not allowed to move anywhere that Michael is until she has a ring on her finger,” Biermann’s mother, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, said Wednesday on “Watch What Happens Live.”

Mom going in hard here. This is your classic pressuring of a 20 year old kid to propose to a 19 year old kid so mom doesn’t have to worry about her daughter’s financial security any more. Kid hasn’t even made his debut and he’s already getting hounded for bling. The Biermanns clearly need some education on how MLB rookie contracts work. He won’t be making more than the league minimum for about four years, toots. At least wait until he hits his arbitration years before calling him out.



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