Blackhawks Might Have Room For Improvement

The Blackhawks now lead the NHL in points. They’ve had to do so without the services of their captain and their goalie for an extended period of time. The captain also only has 14 points and Patrick Kane only has ten goals, far off from the pace he set last season. Duncan Keith just got his first goal last night. The Hawks are building a house without their trusty hammer and a sweet power drill. How amazing would that house look if the Hawks’ superstars were actually playing up to their caliber?

Will Anisimov’s 25% shooting percentage keep up? Probably not. But neither should Patrick Kane’s 9%, considering he’s three points higher for his career shooting percentage. Same with Toews, who’s at 6% where is career number hovers close to 15%. Panarin is currently at that 15% mark, which is encouraging considering he currently leads the team in points and suggests he doesn’t have a bump in the road coming.

Over the last few games the Hawks have shown they can score in high volume when they need to. Better yet, they’ve shown they don’t need all of their big guns to be firing in order to do so. However, in the playoffs your stars need to play like stars. Otherwise dumb puck luck and similar skill level of other teams will catch up to you. If this is the stars aligning for another deep Cup run with the most skilled players on the team hitting their strides late in the season, count me in.


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