That Was the Epitome of Bears v. Packers

Seems like we’re always in this situation late in the year. The Bears season is lost and they’re just looking to upset the Packers and destroy their playoff hopes. They almost did it, but then Aaron Rodgers decided he’d had enough. He may or may not have had a little help from John Fox being a complete coward. Either way, we all had to look at that stupid State Farm ass face smile of his after the game.

As soon as Fox decided to kick that field goal instead of going for the touchdown, I knew the game was over. You give the best QB in the league, a guy who relishes ripping the hearts out of Bears fans, 80 seconds and expect your defense to make a play? The same defense that hadn’t really stopped him all game? Here’s some toddler logic…if you’re the inferior team, don’t extend the football game. The odds of things going poorly for you are high, considering the other team is better than you. Simple right? Not to Foxy.

Of course it was a bomb to Jordy Nelson and of course the coverage was blown. I really don’t think there was any other possible scenario. I could’ve turned the game off right after that field goal, burned my phone and any other source of internet, and still participated in the water cool talk at work because I knew exactly what was going to happen. But don’t worry, we have a coach who plays it safe. That’s what you want in today’s NFL, especially from a team with three wins.


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