Cubs Season Ticket Holder Gets His Tickets Revoked

Like it or not, the resale market for sports is where the real money is made. It’s a simple supply and demand business that many fans use for another form of income. Apparently, the Cubs don’t like the idea of their season ticket holders making a buck, because this dude just got his tickets revoked.

The Cubs have a clause in their season ticket holder agreement that allows them to do this if they feel the fan only has the tickets for the purpose of selling them. Okay, fine. But what’s going to happen to his tickets? I’d wager they go to a larger group of fans who have pooled their money together and plan on splitting games, which is how these things are done most of the time. I’d also wager that at least one of those fans isn’t a Cubs fan, but rather a person who knows a good investment when they see one. It’s a cycle that will continue to go on for as long as sports are popular in America.

So why are the Cubs doing this? Because they’re not getting a cut. The NFL and NFL teams have a resale deal with Ticketmaster via the NFL Ticket Exchange. In that deal, teams receive royalties for each ticket sold, which is why you never hear about Bears fans getting their tickets revoked. It’s the same with the NHL and the NHL Ticket Exchange as well as the NBA Resale Marketplace. These sites also have a price floor, making sure the teams are at least getting so much back per resale ticket sold. It’s harder in baseball because the tickets aren’t worth as much given the number of games, but when the MLB’s StubHub deal ends in 2017 don’t be surprised if you can’t sit in the first row at Sox games for $20 anymore.


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