Kyle Fuller Doesn’t Feel Ready To Go Despite Getting Medical Clearance

You have to love Vic Fangio. If nothing else on this putrid team brings a smile to your face, at least we have Vic’s brutally honest press conferences. He made his feelings towards Kyle Fuller pretty clear:

“Any time a guy is hurt, there’s three stages to get back to the field,” Fangio said Tuesday. “One is you got to get medical clearance. Two, the player’s got to say he’s ready to go, he feels confident and is champing at the bit to go play. And then the coaches get involved and see if he’s better than what the other choices are, and if he really is back to being ready to play. A has happened, B hasn’t, so C is a non-issue.”

So despite Kyle Fuller being cleared by the medical staff, he feels that he’s not ready to play. I’m not a coach, but I feel like this is a poor choice by Kyle. Most of the time we hear about players trying to get on the field before they’re medically cleared. Especially guys like Fuller who aren’t exactly superstars and still trying to prove their worth to a new coaching staff. Fair or not, this is going to be viewed as cowardice and the lack of willingness to play through an injury.

I have no idea what Kyle Fuller is going through and I’m sure the pain any football player deals with on a daily basis would cripple me. But that’s why I’m sitting behind a keyboard spewing nonsense from my fingertips instead of suiting up on Sunday. I know I would go to great lengths to keep my job. So I have to think if I was a professional athlete on the fringe of being cut and sticking around, I would play through any sort of injury as long as I’m medically cleared. Especially in Chicago, where fans like Twitter all star Gas Money Bob come down hard on the toughness of players. For the sake of his career, Kyle Fuller needs to be on the field.


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