AL Central Gets Stronger As Indians Sign Encarnacion

Luckily, the Sox don’t have to worry about winning for a couple years.

By the time the Sox actually think about competing again Encarnacion will be in his last year at least. The deal itself makes sense as the Indians consider themselves in “win now” mode. Encarnacion will basically be replacing Mike Napoli as a sometimes DH, sometimes first baseman, always trying to hit dingers. Except he’s way better at hitting dingers than Napoli is. Since 2013, only Nelson Cruz and Chris Davis have hit more home runs. In fact, the financials of this deal are very close to Davis’ contract as both will still be costing their teams over $2omm in their age 36 season.

All things considered, this is the going rate for a legit, right-handed power bat. The Indians didn’t have to give up any of their future and they have acquired a guy who can hit a home run at any moment in the game. Andrew Miller will hold down a terrific bullpen and their stud starters (who they did not have for the playoffs) Danny Salazar and Carlos Carrasco will be healthy. For a team that thinks it can get back to the dance, this is a great move.


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