Alex DeBrincat Cut, Will Not Play for Team USA in World Juniors

Kinda feels like the people making the decisions for the old Stars and Stripes have been on a cold streak. They seem to be about as good at picking squads as I am at drafting fantasy football teams. First they leave Phil the Thrill Kessel, possibly the best American scorer besides Patrick Kane, off the World Cup roster because who the hell knows why. Now they’ve cut the OHL’s second highest scoring player, 19 year old Blackhawks draftee Alex DeBrincat, from the World Juniors roster. Question is, why does America hate scoring?

DeBrincat has 60 points in 28 games. You read that correctly. He’s tearing up one of the top amateur leagues in hockey and only trails his teammate Taylor Raddysh, who will be playing for Team Canada, by one point for the league lead. Not to mention he was on the bronze medal-winning team from last year. Erie Otter’s GM Dave Brown wasn’t too happy about this either:



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