Since When Did Everyone Become an Expert on Jason Heyward’s Swing?

Jason Heyward had a putrid season in what was the most historic year of baseball in Chicago history. Yes, his swing looked choppy and much different than what it’s looked like in the past. However, it seems like not only does everyone need to keep reminding fans of that, but they also need to pretend to be Jason Heyward’s personal swing coach as if they know what the hell they’re talking about.

The fact is, Heyward has never had a mechanically sound or fluid swing. He almost looks like a right-handed batter trying to switch hit at times. He has a lot of unnecessary movement, especially for his average bat speed. But here’s the thing. I’m not going to comment on it like I know better than him and his damn coaches. Well, yeah, I just did it sort of, but those are generalizations that MLB personnel would probably laugh me out of a building for. For me to act like I can predict a better year for Heyward by looking at how his swing looks in the offseason is ridiculous.

I’m seeing a lot of “Heyward’s swing is coming along” and “Heyward’s swing looks a lot better here” as if people who have no interaction with him have a clue as to what he’s working on. Have you ever thought maybe his swing was different last year because he was trying to cover up a hole in his old swing? Or maybe that none of this matters because he hasn’t been facing live pitching? Whether it’s Jay Cutler’s throwing motion or the experts claiming Chris Sale is one pitch away from Tommy John (as if that’s not the case for every pitcher) I can’t stand when people talk about the mechanics of anything in any professional player.


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